Here’s how to make your playlists private in Spotify and avoid eavesdropping.

Quick Answer: Privacy is now much discussed on the internet. It is also very important that we know how to use the available tools to help ensure our privacy to maintain our security at the highest possible standard. Some privacy options are also available in Spotify, the most widely used music streaming application in the world, and today we’re going to talk about one of them.

You should probably know that Spotify lets you create playlists with your favorite songs, hated songs, or any other kind of tracks that come to your head, but if you prefer you can add privacy to those playlists.

Through a simple setup you can make your playlists visible only to you, that is, private. No one else will know that a playlist you create exists, and of course, no one but you will know which songs are present in this playlist.

Knowing this we’ve created a quick tutorial that explains how you can make your existing playlists private on Spotify for your computer and smartphone. Check below.

How to make a playlist private on Spotify for computer

Open the Spotify for Windows application on your computer and right-click on the name of the desired playlist. Then just left click on the “Make Secret” option and your playlist will be transformed into a private playlist.

How to make a playlist private on Spotify for smartphone

Launch the Spotify app on your smartphone and tap the “Your Library” option in the lower right corner of your screen. Now touch “Playlists” and touch and hold the playlist you want to make private. Then just touch “Make Secret”.

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