Learn how to check your history on Spotify.

Spotify saves the history of listened songs in the Windows application to a limited extent in which only the name of the last 45 songs played will be displayed. However if your Spotify account is connected to your Facebook account you can see the history of all the songs listened in the music streaming service.

Spotify is a service in which you can listen to millions of songs. If you’ve been using the app for years it’s possible that your musical taste has undergone changes in this period. It is at this moment that you are nostalgic to know what songs you listened two years ago, for example.

But Spotify is limited when it comes to “go back in the past”. The streaming music service does not provide a history page of songs listened for all users just as YouTube provides a complete history of your watched videos.

The advantage here is with those who have a Spotify account associated with Facebook. If the “Share my activity on Facebook” lever is enabled in your Spotify settings this means that Facebook has saved a history of all the songs you’ve listened in Spotify since this lever was turned on.

In today’s fast and easy tutorial you’ll learn how to view Spotify’s history through Facebook’s “Activity Log” page. Keep reading.

Checking your Spotify history

  1. Access the Facebook homepage through your computer or smartphone browser.On the Facebook website for computers click the “down arrow” located in the upper right corner of the blue bar and then click on the “Activity Log” link.
    If you are using a smartphone click the “menu” icon (the three horizontal lines) and click on the “Activity Log” link.
  2. On the computer click on the “More” link located in the menu located on the left to display the list of apps connected to your Facebook account and then click on “Spotify”. The Spotify history will be displayed.On the smartphone tap on “Filter” and then on “All Apps”. Now replace the word “apps” at the end of the address bar link with the text “app_174829003346” and access this link you edited to display only the history of the Spotify application. Your Spotify history will be displayed.
Video tutorial:
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