Learn in this tutorial how to create your own radio station on Spotify and enjoy the best songs from the most used music streaming application in the world.

Spotify besides allowing you to listen songs in normal order still allows you to create your own radio station that play songs from many ways.

For example, you can select a certain song and create a radio station that will play only songs related to the selected song. And not just songs, you can also create a station from an artist, album, podcast, video, playlist or even select a friend as the basis for your Spotify radio station.

This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting features of the music app, perfect for when you are not in the mood to search for new songs by yourself and just prefer that Spotify itself shows you new suggestions that you may like.

And this is what we will teach you in this tutorial, read on.

  1. Locate and open the Spotify application on your smartphone, then tap the “Radio” button at the bottom of the screen so you can start creating your own radio station in the music streaming app.
  2. This is the Spotify radio station screen. Touch the “((+))” button in the upper right corner of the screen to create a new radio station in the music application.
  3. On this screen you should enter some basic information for the new radio station. You can create a radio station from a song, artist, album, podcast, video, playlist, or a friend. Enter the term in the search box at the top of the screen.
  4. Once the results of the term used in the search box are displayed, click on the desired result and the radio station will start in Spotify. In this tutorial we chose to create a radio station from the artist Drake.
  5. This is the Spotify radio station already created and already playing songs related to its search term. Enjoy.
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