Ever wondered how long Spotify Premium last? We answer this question that raises questions for many users here.

Quick Answer: Spotify is the most widely used music streaming application in the world. With a library of more than 40 million songs, the application has become synonymous when it comes to listening to music over the internet.

There are currently two plans to get access to the millions of music of the music streaming service. The first is the Spotify Free plan that allows access to all available songs, but with ads between songs. The second is the Spotify Premium plan, which grants access to all music in high quality audio and without ads.

If you are a user of Spotify Premium it is normal that you have some questions related to your subscription to the music streaming service. We answer one of those constant doubts just below.

Some users wonder how long the subscription lasts for Spotify Premium. Well, the answer to this question is that after signing the service you have 1 (one) month until a new charge is made to your credit card.

For example, if you signed up today (10/09) the next charge on your credit card would be made only on 10/10. So it’s worth saying that Spotify Premium lasts 1 (one) month after signing.

After one (1) month of using Spotify Premium and a new charge issued to your credit card, you will have one (1) month to access the streaming service until another charge is issued, and so on.

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