Here’s how to add another Instagram account and use two accounts on the same smartphone.

Quick Answer: Instagram is a photo sharing application widely used by people who like to share good moments with fans, friends and family.

Used by more than 400 million people worldwide, the service was purchased by Facebook in 2012 and since then news has not stopped appearing, and nowadays you can even add another account on the same smartphone if you find it necessary.

Note: If you are specifically looking for a way to create a new Instagram account on the same device, visit the following tutorial: How To Make Another Instagram Account on the Same Device?

In this quick tutorial we will teach you how you can easily add another Instagram account to your smartphone without having to log out of your primary account. So you can use two or even more accounts at the same time on the same smartphone. Check below how.

First open the Instagram app on your smartphone already logged in to your primary account. Now click on the “user” icon in the lower right corner of the screen to access your profile.

Now it’s easy: in the upper left corner of the screen tap your Instagram username and a menu will be displayed. Click the “Add Account” option and a login screen will appear so that you enter the login data of the other account you want to add to your Android device, iPhone, etc.

Video tutorial:
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