Learn how to change Coinbase currency, an app made for purchase, sale and exchange of the digital currency known as Bitcoin.

If you have the Coinbase application installed on your smartphone, you may want to change its currency. By default, the currency selected when you install Coinbase on your smartphone is the US dollar, but there are dozens of other currencies you can use to make the Bitcoin conversions.

The process to change currency on Coinbase, Bitcoin currency transaction application, is very simple and with just a few touches on your smartphone screen you can already do the conversion of Bitcoin to any other currency available in the app.

But before we go to the tutorial on how to change Coinbase currency, we did a little introduction talking about the application, which is already one of the most downloaded in this segment in the app stores for the simple fact of having a very simple user interface and for its ease of use.

Coinbase: A quick summary about the purpose of the application

Coinbase is an app that is available for Android and iPhone in the respective app stores. The application is intended for people working with the digital currency known as Bitcoin.

The application allows its users to move the Bitcoin currency among themselves in buying, selling and exchange. These types of transactions are all made from Coinbase’s own interface.

The Coinbase home screen is very intuitive and shows Bitcoin’s real-time quote with accurate statistics on currency fluctuation throughout the day.

Coinbase still has a virtual wallet within the application itself, in addition to controlling your earnings/spending, you can still have dated information about all your purchase, sale and exchange transactions, all in a simplified interface of easy understanding.

  1. To change the Coinbase currency, first find and open the app on your smartphone and in the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the “Menu” icon (three horizontal lines) to open the Coinbase options menu where you will find the app settings option.
  2. The menu with the Coinbase options has been opened. Now scroll down until you find the “Settings” option and click on it to open the settings screen.
  3. You are now in the Coinbase settings screen. Look for the “Native currency” option and touch it to display the currency options.
  4. The Coinbase currency options are now displayed. Scroll through the screen (if necessary) and tap the currency you want to use in the application interface, and then tap the “Ok” button to change Coinbase currency.
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