Check out this tutorial and learn how to change the subtitle font style of Netflix movies and series.

If you’ve always wanted to change the font style of the subtitle of movies and series in Netflix then today is a happy day because the online video streaming company has just made it possible.

From now on you can change the appearance of the on-screen text (also known as subtitle) while your favorite characters are chatting on your television screen.

With the new Netflix update, 7 new font types have been added, ranging from more formal to more informal (yes, we’re talking about the beloved/hated famous Comic Sans font).

In addition to allowing you to change the font type, Netflix now also allows you to change the color of the subtitle text, that is, change the default yellow color to a color of your personal preference.
This is was a great movement of the video streaming service because it avoids situations in which the color of the text blends with the color of the video in the background. But this is not all …

By changing the color and font of the subtitle you now also have the option to change even the subtitle shade color of your favorite movies and series. Now it’s definitely impossible to confuse the text with the video, right?

We talked about the new features of this update of the most used video streaming service in the world, let’s now to the tutorial.

  1. Log in to your Netflix account . Then hover over your name in the upper right corner of the screen and click on the “Your account” option to access the settings page of your account where you will find options to change the appearance of the subtitle displayed in movies and series.
  2. This is the Netflix account settings page. Scroll down the page (if necessary) and click the “Subtitle appearance” option to go to the page that allows you to change the Netflix subtitle font. There you can also change the color and shadow of the subtitle.
  3. You are now on the “Subtitle appearance” page of the video streaming service. Here you can make some visual changes to the subtitle that is displayed on the screen while playing Netflix videos.To define a new font click the dropdown menu of the “Font” session. You can choose from 7 different font types: “Typewriter”, “Print”, “Console”, “Block”, “Casual”, “Cursive” and “Small Caps”. Click on your favorite and then click the blue button named “Save” to save the change made.
Video tutorial:
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